Where to Sell - Buy Agricultural Products

A Farmers Online Market

24. Aug 2022
Where to Sell - Buy Agricultural Products

Mkulima Online is a Farmers Online Market where small holder farmers and those in agribusiness can sell their agricultural products.


Nowadays, instead of the traditional market stall in the marikiti market, someone can also market and sell agricultural products via online websites or social network sites like twitter.


Our Online Farmers Market in Kenya is a great resource for anyone looking to buy or sell farm related products and services.


The site is easy to use, and it's free to register as a buyer or seller.


Its highly recommend  if you're in agribusiness and want to sell via online to use online platforms by Mkulima Online.


Among others is also the Mkulima Online Market Facebook group which anyone can join and market their products.


Online market forum for buyers and sellers are the new marketplaces of selling agro products.


Mkulima Online also offers advice on farming, gardening, livestock keeping, and other agriculture-related topics.


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