Charcoal Brooder Pot

Brooder Jiko Heater

23. Aug 2022
Charcoal Brooder Pot

A charcoal or briquettes fueled brooder is perfect for farmers who don't have to use electric or solar power in raising chicks.

The hot charcoal pieces discharge convectional warmth to the encompassing region, keeping the chicks warm.

Chicks require heat for the primary five weeks when plumes are creating, but after this period they can keep up their possess body temperature.

With a two-kilo tin of charcoal, the Brooder Jiko can run for up to 12 hours serving approximately 250 chicks of less than three weeks old.


Brooder Pot


The brooder is made from refined clay which contains a non-metal property and thus awful conductor of warm; this permits the discharged warm from the burning charcoal to remain near to the chicks.

The pot has gaps and a cover on beat. The gaps permit for passage of oxygen into the charcoal chamber to bolster burning. 

Since the gaps are few and around the neck of the pot, the damage hazard to the chicks is low.

The holes on brooder pot jikos give way for direct oxygen required to keep the heat on.Metal stands maybe needed to keep the brooder pots stable.on the ground.


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