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128 Eggs Incubator
Outer-ring road, KE
Experience the ultimate in convenience and efficiency with our fully automatic incubator, designed to hatch your chicks with a guaranteed 85-96% success rate! Advanced and Modern : Using modern automatic technology for optimal hatching conditions. Fully Automatic Operation: No need for constant monitoring! Our incubato...
Located: Outer-ring road, KE
Food Drier
Nairobi, KE
Food Drier (Dehydrator) is the perfect way to preserve your fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Uses natural sunlight to gently dry your food, locking in its nutrients and flavor and reduce food waste all year round. Natural Sun Drying: Harness the power of the sun to dry your food naturally. Versatile Drying:Dry a wi...
Located: Nairobi, KE
Vertical Grow Bags
Nairobi, KE
Vertical Farming Bags – Your Solution to Efficient Gardening Are you a farmer looking to maximize your vegetable yields without the need for extra land? Vertical Farming Bags to save space, water, and increase your crop diversity. Here's why you need them: 1.Space-Saving Solution: With limited space in your garden, you...
Located: Nairobi, KE
Sasso fertilized eggs
Quality improved kienyeji sasso fertilized eggs. It's medium sized eggs and free from cracks. It's rounded part of the eggs have a space, uniformly curved without bumps.
Located: Kakamega, Kakamega County, KE
Sasso f1
Improved kienyeji sasso breed F1 generation. High maturity rate
Located: Kakamega, Kakamega County, KE
Bambusa Bambos
Bambusa Bambos Seedlings The high density of Bambusa bambos makes it perfect for structural elements, furniture construction, and crafting beautiful tables and intricate mats. Used to craft exquisite homeware with Bambusa bambos, the ultimate fast-growing, eco-friendly building material. Bambusa bambos surpasses steel ...
Located: Kiambu, Kiambu County, KE
Herbs Mint@150 ( spear,apple,chocolate,tropical Basil @100 Lemon grass@150 Thyme@250 Sage@200 Parsley@200 Chilis@200 Celery @200 Majoram @250 Rosemary@150 Oregano Greek@200 Bayleafs @1500ksh Moringa @200 Lavender @200 Chamomile @200
Located: Limuru, Kiambu County, KE
Habanero chilli
Great taste Quality pepper
Managu seeds
I have Managu seeds. 400kg , minimum order 10kg
Located: Naivasha, Nakuru County, KE
Seedling Herbs and Flowers
Marjoram 250ksh Thyme 200ksh Chocolate mint 200sh Tropical mint 200sh Spear mint 200sh Menthol mint 200sh Tarragon 200sh Savory 250sh Mexican mint 300sh Cuban oregano 150sh Yallow 350sh Wormwood 350sh Oregano 150sh Wanjiru wa kieni 200sh Camomile 200sh Strawberry 250sh Gooseberry 350sh Raspberry 350sh Olive oil 200sh A...
Located: KE
Avocado (Hass) and other varieties
Fresh harvested 1.hass avocado 2.pinkerton avocado 3. fuerte avocado 4.Catalina avocado 50kg @ sh2000. Contacts: 0718727696 0762160272
Located: Nairobi, Nairobi, KE
Mature Roosters (Jogoo)
I am selling mature roosters (jogoo) weighing around 2.5kg each. These birds are perfect for breeding or meat production. Healthy and ready for breeding or meat consumption. 900 KSH (slightly negotiable) Please contact me for more information.
Located: Embu, Embu County, KE
Vanilla beans
Cured organic vanilla beans grade A with moisture content of 25-35% . Well preserved package in vacuum package , contact whatsapp+256757839446
Located: Kampala District, UG
Vanilla beans gourmet grade
Vanilla beans gourmet grade , best for cafeteria, aroma . Moisture content 25% . Interested whatsapp+256757839446
Located: Kampala District, UG
Black beans (Njahi)
Elevate your meals and nourish your body with one of nature's most potent superfoods! Black Beans (Njahi), The perfect blend of rich flavor and incredible nutrition.
Located: Kangundo road, Nairobi County, KE
Vertical Grow Bags
Vertical Farming Bags – Your Solution to Efficient Gardening Are you a farmer looking to maximize your vegetable yields without the need for extra land? Vertical Farming Bags to save space, water, and increase your crop diversity. Here's why you need them: 1.Space-Saving Solution: With limited space in your garden, you...
Located: Nairobi, Nairobi, KE
Fertilized Eggs
High-Quality Fertilized Eggs for Incubation We offer high-quality fertilized eggs from two excellent chicken breeds: Improved Kienyeji and Kuroiler. These breeds are known for their hardiness, disease resistance, and high egg production. Our eggs are tested for fertility and have a hatch rate of over 97%. We have been ...
Located: Nairobi, Nairobi, KE
Pure Kienyeji Chicks
Pure Kienyeji chicks One week- 1 month olds. 1 Week old chick @150 ksh 4 weeks old chick @250 ksh
Located: Machakos County, KE
Brooder Jiko Pot
This is a clay pot that resembles the traditional cooking pot. Lit charcoal pieces are placed in the pot to burn and release convectional heat to the surrounding to keep the chicks warm. Chicks require heat for the first five weeks when feathers are developing. After this period, they can maintain their own body temper...
Located: Kangundo, Machakos County, KE
Poultry Feed
High Quality and Trusted Feeds for your Poultry. Tested and Proven Feeds. All Bag sizes are @70kg |Layers mash @Kes2900 |Growers mash @Kes 2,700 |Chick mash @Kes 3,000 |Kienyeji mash @Kes 2,000 |Broiler starter @Kes 4000 |Broiler finisher @Kes 3900 This Kienyeji Mash trusted and Farmers love it's quality as compared to...
Located: Mombasa road, Nairobi County, KE
Garlic Seeds
Varieties of garlic and their average yields Moyale. Avg 3000kgs per acre African giant. Avg 6,000 kgs per acre Sotik. Avg 1,500Kgs per acre Mbeya softneck 3000kgs/acre Arusha pink hardneck. Avg 4000kgs per acre Place interest or order to get garlic seedlings. Sedlings price: 500ksh per 1Kg
Located: Meru, Meru County, KE
Silage Bags
Silage is a type of feed that is made from grass or other plants that have been chopped up and stored in airtight bags or containers. It is an excellent source of nutrition for cows, and it can help improve their milk production. The bags are made of heavy-duty and feature a built-in airtight seal, which helps keep the...
Located: Nairobi, Nairobi, KE
Markies Potato Seed
Markies is a very popular variety, thanks to its versatility when it comes to crisping and chipping of potatoes. Agrico EA is selling Markies-certified potato seeds. Markies is a white skin potato variety, producing big, oval-shaped tubers. It takes 4 months to mature, and is very high yielding. The potato is most suit...
Located: Nakuru, Nakuru County, KE
Yellow Flesh SweetPotato
Fresh from Farm Yellow Fleshed Sweet Potato. Good for Value Additions like gluten free Flour Making and making of healthy Meals. Sweet potatoes can be fried also baked. 5kg goes for 210Ksh
Located: Bondo, Nyanza, KE
One Week Old Chicks
One Week old Chicks 130ksh available in Nairobi. Delivery within Nairobi.
Located: Outer-ring road, Nairobi County, KE
Manual Gas Brooder
Gas-powered heating offers a clean, efficient way to brood. Effortless Operation & All-Night Comfort: Eliminate the need for frequent checking and enjoy peace of mind. Compatible with Smart Brooder & Sensors Devices. Compatible with adding a layer of intelligence to your brooder: To get temperature alerts via S...
Located: Nairobi, Nairobi, KE
Sweet potatoes Yellow flesh
Yellow flesh sweet potatoes directly from the farm. Farm gate prices for yellow flesh sweet potatoes. 90kg sack : 4,000 Ksh *Price for retail buyers : 5kg @ 210 ksh
Located: Bondo, Siaya County, KE

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