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128 Eggs Incubator
Outer-ring road, KE
Experience the ultimate in convenience and efficiency with our fully automatic incubator, designed to hatch your chicks with a guaranteed 85-96% success rate! Advanced and Modern : Using modern automatic technology for optimal hatching conditions. Fully Automatic Operation: No need for constant monitoring! Our incubato...
Located: Outer-ring road, KE
Manual Gas Brooder
Nairobi, KE
Gas-powered heating offers a clean, efficient way for brooding.   Effortless Operation & All-Night Comfort: Eliminate the need for frequent checking and enjoy peace of mind.   Compatible with Smart Brooder & Sensors Device. Compatible to add a layer of intelligence to your brooder: To get temperature alerts on ...
Located: Nairobi, KE
Food Drier
Nairobi, KE
Food Drier (Dehydrator) is the perfect way to preserve your fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Uses natural sunlight to gently dry your food, locking in its nutrients and flavor and reduce food waste all year round. Natural Sun Drying: Harness the power of the sun to dry your food naturally. Versatile Drying:Dry a wi...
Located: Nairobi, KE
Vertical Grow Bags
Nairobi, KE
Vertical Farming Bags – Your Solution to Efficient Gardening Are you a farmer looking to maximize your vegetable yields without the need for extra land? Vertical Farming Bags to save space, water, and increase your crop diversity. Here's why you need them: 1.Space-Saving Solution: With limited space in your garden, you...
Located: Nairobi, KE

Recent listings

Mtsani Ndovu seedlings
also called Albizia versicolor tree in english. Bring a touch of the Kenyan exotic coast to your garden with Mtsani seedlings, adding a touch of exotic beauty to your outdoor space: Stunning Appearance:Glossy, deep green leaves that contrast beautifully with delicate white flowers. Hardy and Low-Maintenance: Tolerates ...
Located: Mazeras, Kwale County, KE
Red cabbage
Selling at 100 per kg
Located: Limuru, Kiambu County, KE
Acacia Seedlings
Acacia with their fast growth rate and drought-resistant nature, are ideal for reforestation projects, agroforestry initiatives, and soil conservation efforts. Each seedling is nurtured with care to ensure optimal health and vigor, promising a brighter, greener future for generations to come. Join us in nurturing Kenya...
Located: Mazeras, Kwale County, KE
Soy Bean
From Kakamega County, these fabulous soybeans are rich in goodness, with protein, fiber, and nutrients. And at only 250ksh per kilo.
Located: Navakholo, Kakamega County, KE
1litre Organic Grow Peat liquid fertlizer
Unlock the secrets to a thriving harvest with our ground breaking fertilizer,Grow Peat! Crafted from high-quality potassium humates,our organic product breathes new life into your garden. Why choose Grow Peat? 1.Enhances soil structure for maximum water retention. 2.Stimulates root development ,ensuring strong and heal...
Located: Nairobi CBD, Nairobi County, KE
Grow Peat Organic Liquid Fertilizer 1litre
GROW PEAT POSITIVE EFFECTS: -Activates metabolism -Increases activity of soil micro flora,serves as a good conductor of all nutrients from the soil -Increases the yield of fruits and vegetables by upt to 25% -Has an unlimited shelf life Increases the shelf life of grown products -Reduces the ripening time by 7-12 days ...
Located: Nairobi CBD, Nairobi County, KE
2 months puppies ready for new home
Located: Thika, Kiambu County, KE
Acacia and Palm Seedlings
Located in the heart of Kenya's vibrant southern coast, Mazeras we offer a unique collection of high-quality tree seedlings. To help you transform your garden or landscape into a flourishing paradise. Whether you're seeking the enduring strength of hardwoods or the fast-growing versatility of softwoods, indigenous vari...
Located: Mazeras, Kwale County, KE
Organic Liquid Grow Peat for vegetables,grain crop and fruit trees
"Grow Peat " is an organic fertilizer whose main active ingredient is physiologically active potassium salts of humic acids ,which have a large spectrum of biological action,are environmental friendly and safe to use. It contains amino acids carbohydrates, water-soluble carboxylic acids, mineral nutrients,trace element...
Located: Nairobi CBD, Nairobi County, KE
Grevillea Seedlings
These resilient grevellia seedlings boast vibrant foliage and beautiful blooms, perfect for enhancing your landscape with their exotic charm. Grevilleas are good for ecological, attracting pollinators like birds and bees while enriching your soil with essential nutrients. With their adaptability to coastal conditions a...
Located: Mazeras, Kwale County, KE
Cabbage vegetables ready for harvest and are Over 3000 heads selling at Ksh 50 bob per head
Located: Narok, Narok County, KE
Hay Boma Rhodes
Boma Rhodes Hay: High-Quality Fodder for Your Livestock Boma Rhodes hay is a nutritious and palatable choice for grazing animals, offering several benefits: Highly digestible: Provides essential nutrients for optimal growth and health. For drought tolerance, it is versatile and suitable for cut-and-carry feeding system...
Located: Bungoma County, KE

Highlighted listings

Vertical Grow Bags
Vertical Farming Bags – Your Solution to Efficient Gardening Are you a farmer looking to maximize your vegetable yields without the need for extra land? Vertical Farming Bags to save space, water, and increase your crop diversity. Here's why you need them: 1.Space-Saving Solution: With limited space in your garden, you...
Located: Nairobi, Nairobi, KE
Fertilized Eggs
High-Quality Fertilized Eggs for Incubation We offer high-quality fertilized eggs from two excellent chicken breeds: Improved Kienyeji and Kuroiler. These breeds are known for their hardiness, disease resistance, and high egg production. Our eggs are tested for fertility and have a hatch rate of over 97%. We have been ...
Located: Nairobi, Nairobi, KE
Pure Kienyeji Chicks
Pure Kienyeji chicks One week- 1 month olds. 1 Week old chick @150 ksh 4 weeks old chick @250 ksh
Located: Machakos County, KE
Markies Potato Seed
Markies is a very popular variety, thanks to its versatility when it comes to crisping and chipping of potatoes. Agrico EA is selling Markies certified potato seeds. Markies is a white skin potato variety, producing big, oval-shaped tubers. It takes 4 months to mature, and is very high yielding. The potato is most suit...
Located: Nakuru, Nakuru County, KE
Yellow Flesh SweetPotato
Fresh from Farm Yellow Fleshed Sweet Potato. Good for Value Additions like gluten free Flour Making and making of healthy Meals. Sweet potatoes can be fried also baked. 5kg goes for 210Ksh
Located: Bondo, Nyanza, KE
Poultry Feed
High Quality and Trusted Feeds for your Poultry. Tested and Proven Feeds. All Bag sizes are @70kg |Layers mash @Kes2900 |Growers mash @Kes 2,700 |Chick mash @Kes 3,000 |Kienyeji mash @Kes 2,000 |Broiler starter @Kes 4000 |Broiler finisher @Kes 3900 This Kienyeji Mash trusted and Farmers love it's quality as compared to...
Located: Mombasa road, Nairobi County, KE
Table Eggs
Table eggs at a affordable price and are available for purchase at our shop. Come and buy in-person.Prices may vary with supply from farms. Table eggs are a great source of protein and are low in calories ,rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help promote overall health and well-being.
Located: Utawala, Nairobi County, KE
Kei Apple Seedlings
Kayaba -Kei Apple seedlings available in plenty. Healthy and Hardened for Direct Planting.
Located: Machakos, Machakos County, KE
Brooder Pots
One can use a Brooding Pot (a custom made traditional African pot) to keep brooding chicks warm. A Brooder Pot comes in handy in cold or rainy seasons of the year in warming of the Brooder or Poultry House. One way this brooder pot can help is in the challenges of power blackouts and rising electricity bills. Just fill...
Located: Nairobi, Nairobi, KE
Brooder Jiko Pot
This is a clay pot that resembles the traditional cooking pot. Lit charcoal pieces are placed in the pot to burn and release convectional heat to the surrounding to keep the chicks warm. Chicks require heat for the first five weeks when feathers are developing. After this period, they can maintain their own body temper...
Located: Kangundo, Machakos County, KE
Kienyeji chicken
Organically bred kienyeji chicken (free range)
Located: Kakamega, Kakamega County, KE
One Week Old Chicks
One Week old Chicks 130ksh available in Nairobi. Delivery within Nairobi.
Located: Outer-ring road, Nairobi County, KE

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