Why Chicken Eat Own Eggs

10. Oct 2022
Why Chicken Eat Own Eggs

There are Several Reasons Why Chickens May Eat Their Own Eggs


Too much light

Chicken like a little dark place where they lay eggs. If there is too much light, the chicken will get tempted to peck the egg.


Lack of a balanced diet

Provide protein rich food with all necessary nutrients.


Thirst and de-hydration

Provide easy access to clean water at all times.


Hunger and starvation

Dont starve the birds while they are laying.



Let the chicken lay in peace. Chickens may peck on their eggs if there is a lot of disturbance when they are laying.


Less or no experience in laying



If the chickens are not able to free-range, ensure that their housing provides a space of four square feet per bird.


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